Olivier Gagnère is one of the designers who has been working with Bernardaud for many years. In 1993, he created a unique cup whose singularity is to match all tables and uses. Since then, his creations punctuate the history of the manufacture, such as the goblet, which he rehabilitates on the table, the vase that he reinvents in refined forms or the chandelier to which he offers the translucency of porcelain.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of this iconic cup, Olivier Gagnère has revisited the model by dressing it with a new dots and pinstripes decor, available in 4 colors. By naming it Delphos and Knossos, he perpetuates through all his collections at Bernardaud, the tribute to the islands of the Mediterranean Sea and the beauty of the Greek world.

Often referred to as a designer, Gagnère is actually glassmaker, ceramist, cabinetmaker, interior designer, decorator and designer as well. He draws his inspiration from the decorative arts and his works mix tradition and modernity. He defines himself as a neoclassical designer who is part of the French tradition of designer-decorators. Thus, Olivier Gagnère has an original place in contemporary creation. By a movement that shift the lines, he breaks with the conventions of geometry and creates a new balance. Without hitting, Olivier Gagnère writes with the historical vocabulary a new text. By a slight «twist», he installs forms that hold the eye, arouse an emotion, interrogate the memory. He remains faithful to his own typology, and all his projects affirm with elegance and a certain restraint, the filiation of Olivier Gagnère in the spirit of a French style: perfectly contemporary and already classic. That’s why the relationship goes on with Bernardaud.


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