Bachelot & Caron

The artistic field of artists Louis and Marjolaine Bachelot Caron, unfathomable and fascinating, balances between hot and cold, laughter and tragedy, news items and photo novels ... between the magazines New Detective, New Yorker, Le Monde or the weekly photo novel Nous deux, between the press and contemporary art. Bachelot and Caron murder as much as she and he make images of women and men who are close to them by staging them through collages, paintings, performances and achievements in ceramics and polyurethanes.

Today with the sand in this paving-stone, she and he, Marjolaine and Louis, tell the story of a revolution in the heart of Paris transcending the powerful images of Gilles Caron as poster figures pasted on Parisian porcelain paving-stones.

Bachelot & Caron are represented by School Gallery / Olivier Castaing.


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