03 July, 2023 14:00

🌷 In the 17th century, Europe was gripped by a frenzy of tulipomania! Imported from Turkey, tulips were sold at a premium, particularly in Holland, where their commerce provoked the first speculative and financial bubble! During the winter of 1637, bulbs changed owners up to 10 times in a single day; the most coveted was a red-and-white-striped tulip named Semper Augustus. To provide the most beautiful settings for these precious flowers, decorative vases with extravagant shapes named "tulipières" were invented. Decorated with distinctive blues and whites, they were a specialty of the Deft faience factory. In their vanitas paintings, Dutch artists turned this flower into a symbol of splendor and evanescent beauty. In the language of flowers, it embodies pride. From motif to shape, the tulip spreads to all decorative arts, including tableware. So it is hardly surprising that the most precious flower in history continues to inspire the greatest contemporary artists and designers!

About L'Institut Bernardaud:

Because the French art of living is the envy of the world, what better way than with porcelain to introduce you to the teeming world of the table... Contribute with L'Institut Bernardaud to reenchanting this convivial and so precious moment of the meal by following our various workshops and conferences. A program with a creative approach and open to the world to live an exciting adventure at the crossroads of gastronomy, art, history or decoration.


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