La Vie en Rose

In 1945, on the terrace of a café. At the request of her friend Marianne, Edith Piaf wrote down the first notes and lyrics of a song that would become the famous "La Vie en rose".

"When he takes me in his arms, when he speaks to me softly, I see life in pink, he has entered my heart, a great part of happiness, the cause of which I know...".

No French song better symbolises the colour of young love that transforms everything. A few weeks before Valentine's Day, this exhibition is a tribute to Paris, the capital of lovers, but also to Love, always so colorful and emotional.

This exhibition tells the story of a love that is born, blossoms and grows in the happiness of a family home. To evoke these different moments, Bernardaud & Christofle have teamed up to create living spaces that are charged with emotion. These emotions are also embodied in the drawings of Suitou Nakatsuka, who has illustrated the most important words in a French love story:

“Je t'aime”: like the love at first sight of a first encounter

“Oui”: like the cry from the heart that announces marriage

“Pour la vie”: like moving in together and starting a new life together

“En Famille”: like the creation of a family around which we concentrate all our love, eternally.

Born in 1979 in Okayama, Suitou Nakatsuka is a japanese modern calligraphy artist. From early on, she cultivated a strong passion for French culture, reinforcing the link between Japanese and French culture and tradition. Bernardaud and Christofle would like to thank Suitou-san for her wonderful participation to this exhibition. More information on www.suitou-nakatsuka.jp/


POP-UPイベントでは、新作「テラ ロサ」を先行発売いたします。日本では初お披露目となりますので、是非この機会に、


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